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Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a base for skin care?

Olive oil  is rich in the vital ingredients of vitamins  A and E.  It also contains polyphenols that are necessary for healthy skin. These ingredients promote skin flexibility ,  have proven anti-ageing qualities and are powerful anti-oxidants and efficient at removing free radicals.

Has Olive Oil been used for a long time in skin care?

Olive oil has been used since time immemorial, with archaeological artifacts  indicating  that as far back as 3000 BC olive oil was used to care for the skin .  The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used it extensively for skin and hair care as well as for trade.   It can be said that olive oil has undergone the most stringent testing  ... testing in' the laboratory of time'.

Where does our Extra Virgin Olive Oil come from?

Our olives are grown, harvested and processed  in Australia, at our farm in Hillston, New South Wale - an eco-friendly, sustainable resource. When we harvest the olives, we process on site using the cold press method to produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oil .  This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the  base for all our products.   The olive oil produced in Australia is of wonderful quality and is strictly regulated by the Australian Government.  Australian olive growers must comply with standards when labeling products, so we are always confident of the olive oil we use for our products. 

What is our product ethos?

All our products contain our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  They are 100% natural, and are formulated and made in Australia  using only ingredients from a sustainable resource. Our products are not tested on animals.

Why is Olive Oil Skin Care Soap better than other soaps? 

Soap can be made from petroleum oil, animal fats or vegetable oils and has different properties depending on the type of fat/oil used.  Many are drying and irritate the skin.  Our Olive Oil Skin Care soaps and products are gentle cleansers and moisturisers that nourish the skin and improve skin resiliance..  Our soaps do not contain palm oil , sodium laurel sulphate , parabens or petrochemicals.

Will Olive Oil Skin Care Soap assist Eczema, Dermatitis or Psoriasis? 

These conditions are complex, difficult to treat and often caused by different factors.  Many of our customers have told us that our soaps have had a calming and beneficial effects on their skin, and many have also reported a complete resolution of their skin problems.  The trends in our customer feedback are as follows:

  • Eczema: Many received a benefit, some a very positive benefit, others less so.
  • Dermatitis: Most received a benefit, and found their condition resolved.
  • Psoriasis: Generally benefits the skin, some had symptoms resolved.
  • Dry skin: Almost all customers reported a significant benefit and improvement in their skin. Itchy skin during the winter months was largely eliminated.

How long does Olive Oil Skin Care Soap last? 

Olive Oil Skin Care Soap is very long lasting; it should easily last two or three times longer than commercial soap.  For best results it should be well drained between uses.

What is the difference between lye solution and sodium hydroxide or caustic soda? 

To make soap, the traditional method requires a strong alkaline.  Wood ash is the historical origin of the alkaline ingredient.  Wood ash is not reliable in producing consistent quality soap.  Sodium hydroxide, a strong alkaline, when added to water is call lye solution.  Other words that also describe soap ingredients include Saponified Olive Oil and Sodium Olivate; these refer to the final product.  Sodium hydroxide when combined with water (or goats milk) and olive oil, using our special formula and traditional cold process soap making method, produces a beautiful Pure Olive Oil Soap that is cured for over 6 weeks to ensure full saponification to 100% pure soap.  Our unscented soap is therefore 100% Saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This is also the soap used in all scented soaps that contain an essential oil or botanical component.  Our goat's milk soap is 70% saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 30% saponified fresh goats milk.

What does saponified mean? 

Saponification is the term used to describe the formation of soap from combining a fat or oil (in our case Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil), water and lye solution.

Why should I use the Olive Oil Skin Care Balm?

Our balm is 1000% natural with absolutely no additives or preservatives.  It is the elixir for all ills.  It is ideal for nourishing dry and irritated skin.  It is also perfect  for soothing eczema and psoriasis sores and also a go to for dealing with  bites, burns and stings.  It is the one product everyone should have in their cupboard., as it is the go to for most situations!  Even nappy rash!

Why our Baby Range?

Being in the skin care business we know that not all skin is the same!  Particularly baby skin.  It is soft, untouched, sensitive and pure.  So what better way to nourish it, than with a 100% natural range of baby products.  We have baby wash, baby oil, baby balm, cradle cap oil and even baby bubbles.  All  our products are based on our Extra Virgin Olive Oil straight from our farm, and are  all natural and safe for baby skin.  The range harnesses the benefits of our  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  - they are all  rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, to nourish and hydrate the skin..  What better way to care for your baby.