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Lemon Scented Tea Tree Soothing Balm
This works really well as a natural insect repellent. My boy, who usually hates insect repellents liked the scent and actually had fun applying it on his own.

The Original Soothing Balm
This is brilliant for calming down any kind of skin rash. I applied the balm on some of my really itchy insect bites and within two days, I had no marks left!

Unscented Pure Olive Oil Soap
This handmade soap doesn’t bubble much, but that doesn’t mean it has no cleaning effect! It actually leaves you feeling super moisturised after washing.

Rose Geranium Olive Oil Shampoo
This is just AMAZING! With the current heat, I have to wash my hair every day and it became really weak and dry. With the new shampoo, it’s shining again!

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"All the soaps glide on easily on to the skin and are low lathering, but wash off well, leaving skin feeling spotless and clean. You definitely don’t get the “cannot-wash-clean” feeling with these soaps!"

"The Original Soothing Balm for those itchy moments and it has proven to be quite effective. At least, I don’t hear a complaint out of my kids after applicationI It’s rich formulation is also effective on dry spots and patches, and I like that it glides on easily and is non-greasy. Made with, yes, 100% Australian extra virgin
olive oil and sorbitan olivate, this balm is also known to be very effective for baby nappy rash and eczema."

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"Our favourite product was the Rose Geranium Shampoo. It made K’s usually frizzy hair so smooth to the touch. Most shampoos dry her hair further, and we would have to apply copious amounts of conditioner thereafter. But with this, it was as if we had already applied conditioner – the wonders of olive oil, I suppose."

"My kids get bumps and scratches quite often since they are often out and about, and a big part of making them feel better lies in applying the right boo-boo balm. This is definitely a great addition to my current stock."

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"This is what I would call a ‘100% Real Brand’ – 100% made in Australia with 100% food-grade cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from the manufacturer’s own family-run olive plantation that is 100% free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides."

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"Since I got the Lemon Scented Tea Tree Soothing Balm from Olive Oil Skin Care Company, it’s been in my bag everywhere I go. If you are a mosquito magnet, this could be your new best friend."

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